Wawancara Dengan Ray DICE Man Semko

Wawancara Dengan Ray DICE Man Semko


You would already endure in suggestions that I flee two podcasts: DoDSecure and Running and Impediment Sprint Practising . I no longer too prolonged ago interviewed Ray D * I * C * E Man Semko on my podcast DoDSecure. I hope you are able to win to the podcast as there are many issues covered from safety clearances to protecting labeled recordsdata.

What struck me most used to be his drive and focal level leading him to his branding of D * I * C * E which stands for Defensive Info Countering All the pieces. Right here’s what he calls the “anchor level” and so considerable is constructed around it. He wanted a technique for folks to focal level on what is excessive pertaining to nationwide safety. DICE supplies bigger than appropriate a bumper sticky label or slogan, however rather a movement that has created more reporting alternatives and has indubitably resulted in the snatch of a success upon.

The DICE view took a whereas to construct and make a selection on. In the origin, Ray used to be scheduled to give a safety consciousness briefing and he realized he had to enjoy an anchor or one thing to make the focal level around. At the time, the US Military had a slogan properly underway on the time and hundreds would possibly presumably presumably moreover simply endure in suggestions Subversion And Espionage Directed Against the Military or SAEDA. This used to be a laborious acronym to endure in suggestions for many. I endure in suggestions the project I had applying it as a cool warfare soldier and each time requested ended up replying. “Syrup And Eggs Develop no longer Agree (SAEDA)”.

Now Ray had a probability to construct one thing usual and jumped on the probability after being commissioned by his employer to achieve so. “So that is my probability to be usual, to mediate open air the sphere. And I’m thinking, OK, what am I going to achieve and that’s where anchoring entered my suggestions,” he says. “Whenever you occur to are ready for that second, you don’t know what that second’s going to be. You don’t know what it would possibly actually presumably maybe entail, however whereas you are as ready as additionally, you will most doubtless be by intellectual your job by having self belief to your self to compose your job, all facets of it, whatever you’re known as upon to achieve, “he continued.

It took him 14 years to win to that level. Now he had the anchor level or one thing to endure in suggestions. One result of that particular anchor level, D * I * C * E is that a DIA worker felt that they desired to file concerns about Ana Montes, a senior Cuban analyst on the Protection Intelligence Company. She grew to became out to be a high-level, prolonged-term penetration of the US Intelligence Community by the Cuban intelligence provider.

“… it’s indubitably written in the e book (sic. Horny Believer: Within the Investigation and Take of Ana Montes, Cuba’s Master Gaze). I imply, there had been numerous other folks who enjoy reported because of parents who hearken to my briefings and it sticks with them. They glimpse one thing odd right here, suspicious. They reported it to the protection other folks and safety other folks did the true enlighten and investigated in every little thing. ”

Now when other folks glimpse dice in a game, inserting from a rear watch replicate, or at a flea market in Greece, they remark Ray D * I * C * E Man Semko, and for correct reason; he created the anchor level.

At some level of the interview, I requested Ray one more ask:

“So let me let me pull that thread a minute bit bit because of I mediate that that’s a correct level. We talked final week and likewise you talked about that. ‘You know, Jeff, I’m no longer safety, however I’m counterintelligence’, and that used to be a correct level because of issues that safety other folks don’t know and all we win our briefings about Walker and Montas and all these folks. Nonetheless how attain you win related updated recordsdata? Is that readily accessible to safety managers? ”

Effectively, that’s how we enjoy for this week’s episode of DoDSecure . So join our podcast or be taught our upcoming article where Ray solutions the ask, “what other helpful resource is are obtainable that safety managers can pull from to give related and realistic practising?”

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